The SnowGlobe
This started out as a random sketch of a Demon
Head. A new sketchbook,to explore new storylines
as single page explorations in "mid-episode",so the
reader could form their own conclusions on what
was going on in that particular story,which had no
more depth than the flitting dream put on paper. The
demon head was one of them:I drew a bubble
around it,then Cassiopia next to it,deciding she was
half Cassandra and half Mad Rabbit even before I
thought up her name. Then I thought up a "reason"
she was torturing Lissanna. The Jeremey parts came
much later,when I had to shove this page into the
developing story. About 5 more strips happened this
was before I realized I should write a beginning to it
all,and that's why the earlier 30 strips look so rushed
and crappy;me trying to catch up to the story already
in progress. I had the other story in the Strips
section,but Life had forced me to sit in waiting
rooms with free time,sketchbooks and bad lighting to
draw by. So in time a story was forged,and longer
after that I started to take it seriously. I will finish it
before I do anything major,so sit back and wade
through it all,and see the epic unfold. It gets
better,and will continue to do so. Enjoy!