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The SnowGlobe
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Welcome to the webcomic! Here is when I'll be announcing additions to the
various sections of the site and random mumblings as well. Poke about and enjoy
December 18,2016:User Friendly! Heading back to work,and to my 4 hour a
day commute. But I accomplished a few things with all my spare time. One major
thing was going through the back pages of the SnowGlobe and making them fit
this smaller format like this homepage,and removed the words blocking the
buttons too,so reading the saga from the begining will be a lot more possible and
slightly more enjoyable! The other is an India Ink drawing I did of ChestnutBurr
and Toadstool posted at the DeviantArt page. So you should read this stuff from
the start to understand what's going on. It'll help! Kinda sorta...HERE
The SnowGlobe
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Jeremey's Theme!