The Trouble with Teddies: Chapter Zero A Prologue
Back in the mists of time,back when computers were mysterious arcane things and not the commonplace tools we take for granted
today,back when I actually contemplated seeing this first novel as a collected run of comic books instead of the ease and
convenience of a web based model,I composed these storyboards. They were done on VERY bad drawing pad paper bought from
my supermarket where I worked,and were to introduce my readers to Cassandra and follow her on an adventure vaguely connected
to the graphic novel destined to appear in 20 page issues of a comic book telling Jeremey's stories. As these are only storyboards for
my own notations,some pages are more drawn through than others,so I will provide explanations of each page as we progress.
And,believe me,you're gonna need explanations !

So on with the show!