The Preamble

A self contained story of events after the first novel and hints at the
possibilities of the second.It introduces most of the major people in
Jeremey's life and glimpses into their souls as a settling-in Peter
persues his magical researches in secluded ruins,but a parade of
wanderers follow him into a mysterious tunnel revealed by chance and
hidden for centuries And unleash...IT!.

The Adventures of
Daniel Roberts:
Breaking Callisto

Daniel Roberts,mutant master of manipulating energy into building
materials of all sorts that can withstand howitzer shelling,is fighting his
way down into Stronghold,the Superhero prison with his own
exasperating pinnache. His goal is a longtime friend,leader of the
Morlocks of Underground NYC,Callisto.Yes,its stolen from Marvel,as is
many of the elements of the Champions roleplaying game Dr Roberts is
originally concieved. A fun romp.


An unfinished work,but it has some completed parts,but just roughed
drawings without dialogue for the final pages.A nudge from Jeremey
to stop playing Super Nintendo and start drawing him up.I fall into
his world,with a magic pen.And the Chaos reacts to my
far as it went. Better late than never.

Short Subjects

A collection of various one to three page stories or whatnot.