A Tour of the Place....

My name in Second Life is

And the Lady is Cassandra,
kinda-sorta.. My long
suffering model of over
half a decade. The Face of
my enterprises:..

Second Life is a 3d avatar based chat program where groups of people can create virtual goods and sell them
for the ingame currency,but also be able to sell the game cash to other players for their real money! A living of a sort
could be had,and it was the playground of my creativity for years. My business was to sell GIF animations I've found
online and converted to a flat grid of their frames of animation. I'd upload that to Second Life and toss the texture onto a
Prim :a building block an avatar conjures from thin air and manipulates into shapes that can be later textured. This
texture is then shown a frame's size at a time by a script one puts into the prim.Like Laurel and Hardy here.

This was the home I shared with my
lady Garnet Hock for 2 years. Just an
example of what sort of stuff one can
find,and make there.Its a steep
learning curve,but to the artist a noble
outlet for one's energies.That archway
was featured in the 2007 Burning Life
(their virtual Burning Man festival)in
one video still lurking in YouTube.
But SL is ever a transient place and
sometimes all you have left are
snapshots of lost dreams.Of missed
friends.Of an old you in a murky past.

This was called the Big Green Monster by
our neighbors...until we took over the sim at
$295 USD a month between us,and we ran
at a loss for months,until I took over the sim
and made my Biggest and Best failure of all!
But that's what Second Life does so
well:allows one scope for self expression.
Communication,Artistry.Community. All
while scratching yer ass at home in your
underwear. As someone who worked 6
nights a week for long stretches,any sort of
sociallife would do. But the joy of building
in here made me even more of a recluse,to
create actual virtual castles in the air.