Things I have made in Second Life.

Everything in Second Life was made by Somebody,and I mean not just the creators of the program. You conjure building blocks out of the
air,carve them up ina variety of ways,glue them togeather to make complex items,and paint them with textures to fill the game world with many
amazing things.. ,the limits being one's own ingenuity and skill at forging them.Second Life has its own programming language to take creating
even further,adding functionality and particle effects into the mix. My own speciality was textures,having a good working knowledge of
PhotoShop,so I began hunting GIF animations on the web and converting them into flaat textures for the scripting language to simulate a GIF
by displaying by showing only a frame of them at a time in sequence.,and so the empire was forged. Not much of an empire,really,but my own
little foothold in the vastness of Artistic Expression that one can find here. I never charged a lot for my work:I prefer having people being able
to afford to buy a lot of them and enjoy them as I do. Having an animated picture in Real Life would be so cool,and maybe someday we'll have
the technology for it. But for now,we can decorate a virtual home with virtual things like them. Now here are some things I have made...